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So I have been busting my butt the last couple days trying to get this paint off this grande globe... And I finally finished and was setting up every to switch out the goo. I got the metal cap off and the plug is literally disintegrating... When I lightly lift it, it just rips. I don't even know how I'm going to get it off globe. What now!? 

I've seen other ideas for caps but several said they can't fit the decorative cap on top afterward. With as much work as I have put into this lamp, I would really love for everything to come together! 

Goo heads help me out please!

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Well as if it couldn't get worse... The coils are fried in this lamp.  I think I can salvage the larger one but the smaller one is just breaking into pieces when I try to connect it back together. I went to my local Lowe's and they kept offering springs for doors. I can connect them together but it won't be circular. They said to get the type I was looking for that  I would have to try a lighting store?  I had a post saved about coils but I must have deleted it and can't find it now. So I know it's been asked a million times but what's the best option?

Also I have a small piece of screen that I got with a mini goo kit awhile back. How do I know how much of that to use if I go that route? 

This project will never end! When will I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor? Ha:)

Try it with just the possibly good coil, it might work just fine.

Finding a replacement coil isn't straight forward.  Some have had success with screen door springs or other springs, others some success with other products.  But whatever is used should be stainless steel only.  

Again, it's too bad that we have to spend extra to get these lamps working.  The coil should never go bad with normal use.  I suspect that cheap coils that aren't stainless have been used.  In my opinion, that's why some globes have had dark specks floating in the wax, the result of corrosion of the coils.  Probably only a few cents difference in cost of materials and the globe is messed up.  But hey, if that china factory can save a penny on each part of the lamp and pocket the difference well, sucks to be the customer!  (Mini-rant over) ;)


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