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Dang it!  I just wreaked not one, but TWO purple/yellow Grandes...  And I'm not sure how or why.  I used the correct bulb, nothing overheated, they were clear when I put 'em on the base and fired 'em up.  They're both Chinese globes, about 6-7 years old, and hadn't been run for a while.  The first one that clouded has been on a timer for about a week, no clearing, in fact, it's getting worse.


Other than refilling or chucking them over the side of a very high bridge, any suggestions?




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How about not being a reseller for such a crappy company. :P That might be a start.
I would keep running it on the timer for 2-3 hours on, then off for a bit longer. You may after that try filtering the liquid through a coffee filter/s (stack two up) - worked for me.

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