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I bought myself a Grande from the local Spencers the other day, but when I got it home and set it up... the darn thing was so cloudy I could not even see the lava! I waited a couple of days too see if things improved but no go. So I ended up returning it. I want to get another one, so is filtering the solution or did I just not wait long enough for the globe to adjust? (my wife was not keen on the lamp either, but I had it in the computer room in the basement, yes, where I hide out occasionally)


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Why did you buy a cheap Lava lamp anyway? Your supporting a BAD COMPANY. Take it back and look for a Giant lava lite lamp. Check craigslist or ebay.
Well from what I've heard and learned since I recently joined the forum there are numerous ways of going about solving your problem. You can do run it until the lava just begins to break up a little and then shut down the lamp. That's one way. And that's the Lava World recommended way. I came up with the idea of using a timer, like the ones you use in your home to make it look like your still home. Watch your lamp and see how long approximately it takes for the wax to melt and move around a little. Set that as your on cycle. Then wait to see how long it takes the globe to feel cool to the touch. That's your off cycle. Try and set those cycles to run when your either sleeping or at work. That way you can man the lamp cycles manually. I recommend this only because you won't void your warranty and there's no margin for error. I'm currently doing this right now and have been for about the last month. I purchased a grande lamp which is the 2nd biggest out of the 6 sizes available. And it's black wax and clear liquid and it's cloudy as hell. But it is beginning to clear up. It takes time. So if you are patient it's worth it. If you can find one from spencers that still has a white base go with that one. It's an older one and chances are it's still American made. Lava World started outsourcing the globes to be manufactured in China and thus arose the problem with these lamps now. And that's why Lava World sucks now. Another method is to purchase a filter pump for approximately 50 bucks and a bottle capper so you can recap the lamp. This is the best method as you are pumping out all the liquid, clearing it up and re-adjusting the fluid slightly. You MUST use distilled water and PURE salt. Like canning or pickling salt. There are multiple posts on how to readjust the gravity of the fluid inside and it's really not as tough as it sounds. It's just once again a matter of patience, subtlety, and being conservative about how you readjust the formula. So I hope this ridiculously long block of information was helpful. Good luck buddy.
If the lamp is purple/yellow it is trash. I got 4 of them. Tried to filter but no use. The yellow lava is bad and will continue to leak wax into the fluid after filtering. Had to refill all with lava sacrificed from other lamps and homemade lava.
All the NEW Grande lamps I've seen from Spencer are the yellow/red combination. And the base was silver so it wasn't an older made one. Its a shame cause I'd like a larger lamp. The Colussus ones on ebay that' I'd really like to have are $950.... plus shipping!! Which is WAY more than a guy with my income can justify. That and the cost of the divorce it would cause....

That's the one. They look more red than purple when on. Don't buy another they are all bad. check out my pics for some pics of the Grande wax mess I dealt with. I don't wish that on anyone.
The only thing that can be done is to completely pour them out and refill with new wax and fluid. I got my re-fill supplies from Lava Louie. But beware. Selling goo is not Louie's main business, he doesn't really make any money on the goo so the wait can be long.
It takes 5 52z or 8 32z lamps to fill a grande. I bought 5 52z from Spencers online, no Spencers close by, and all had to be filtered before fillng one of the the grandes.
I would never do it again. Horrible mess and quite time consuming
Hey Doc!
I have 6 Grandes and so far have refilled 3. The first I tried to save but no go so then I used 5 new from Spencers 52z clear/lime, they flow fine but all had to be filtered, (no clear/red available or would have bought the red).
The second I filled from 8 Lava Lite 32z blue/cream and it runs fine. The third I is ready to be filled with Louie wax and distilled water/salt, probably will do it over New Ears weekend.

The last 3 will probably be filled with my homemade or Louie goo... someday. 2 of the 3 are okay, not great but okay. Need filtering for certain not sure about the goo until I get into the bottles. At this point I am so done with all the re-fill crap. I'm not Bohdan and co. I do not like messing with the lamps at all. Not my thing for sure. I just like to buy them and run them.


your clear/orange went thru the roof on ebay! Good sale man.
I was bidding on that. I drove that up!
Last year I was going to buy a Grande at the local mall Spencer's here. I am glad I didn't. Years ago I bought a grande from coolstuffcheap or some other site and it was clear but never flowed/raised.. the heat coil problem.. I returned it to lava world and they never sent a replacement I threw out 100 bucks.. I love the Grandes but always have bad luck so I'm wary plus so broke right now!

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