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Interested in purchasing 2 or 3 empty Grande globes.  I have some project ideas in mind but don't want to sacrifice my current globes!


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well I rented when I was in Grayslake so I didn't have to deal with taxes but I'm in Johnsburg now. Love it out there!

Jim said:

Speaking of... where are you living these days Doc? My property value went up so I figured you might have moved.

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Ahh gotcha all over the place lol

Oh well that sucks! Take pictures when you get it all. I still maybe interested in a pink/purple grande globe depending on the condition.

Claude J said:

Play nice!

Ok Guys here the scoop on that inventory buyout.

One email says Giants, another says Grandes

Phone conversations say Giants

Got word from her tonight and it is confirmed

They are Grandes

Sorry for those that were waiting for giants

My hopes were up as well

I will be selling some and making some custom lamps from the remainder

In my travels to find a machinist to repair a certain lamp that I recently acquired,..(that needs extreme repair)

I turned and saw that he owns his own CNC machine and laser cutter (in his garage)

Anyone interested a Haggerty USA prototype (never in production)  floor standing  grande starship?

He also has a friend in Iowa that will polish and single or triple plate chrome large aluminum lamps for @$200+ depending on the plating

(Chrome Lunars anyone?)

Also thinking about possibly a floor standing 2 stage rocket with 5 - 17" glitter lamps as boosters

Any other design suggestions for a grande globe?

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