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Am i mad or is this Astro bottle green/green?

I know it sounds silly but this is the original globe that came with my Austin Power's lamp bought off ebay many years ago and was described as a blue/green bottle. The lamp itself was only £15 complete but i was only really interested in the base/cap at the time.

I stored this globe away for years but recently pulled it out and had a darn good look at it. Not nearly as cloudy as it was and now it doesn't seem to want to flow anymore but i'll try it again (was too eager to replace it with the blue/red bottle). I swear the colour is green/green. Have posted some pictures so tell me what you think.

Also it just discovered it has a metal mesh instead of the coil (as shown in some of Bodhan's wonderful pictures) but it used to flow beautifully as far as i remember.

I thought green/green bottles only came with flocks not astro's. Were they sold separately?

i appreciate any feedback ;-)

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By the way, the bottle has Crestworth Trading Ltd on the base and it was made in 1994 ;-)
Thanks guys...doesn't look too healthy does it. replacing the mesh with a coil would be an great idea and changing the liquid as well. Could i buy a cheapo china lamp and repace the liquid? don't want to spend much money on this globe because i do hate it...hehe!

really appreciate your help ;-)
Mathmos Did do a green/green astro lava lamp also red/red apart from the flock colours I have one of these's but mine dosn't has the metal mesh these do run very bad. I will follow Bondans advice it's worth a try.

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