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Hello everybody!

I've got a Century 100-1982, that works well, but as you can see, needs fluid. Was tipped over years ago and I never quite figured out how to add more.

From what I can figure out from the info on the site, is that the best thing to do would be to remove all the liquid, clean the container and refill with new liquid. And I'm thinking I've figured out that I don't know where to start with how to refill it or what to refill it with.

Should I empty and refill (looking for advice and easy how to do it, plse) or can I dodge the bullet and top off with something?

The liquid really smells like kerosene.

Thanks for your help!



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thank you again!  :)


Adding epsom salt stage.

Started with 1 cup (4:1). And about 2" of space at top of bottle.

Adding small amounts of salted water with results = NotMuchAction. None to be exact, except when I initially add the salt.

Removed a bit of the liquid, added more salt to the remaining water to beef it up. 

Waiting 5 or so minutes between adding a straw inch portion to the bottle.

Sound normal?

update #2...this is getting VERY exciting! it's taken a lot stronger salt mix to get a good mound of wax that's kinda pulsing and making me wish I was video taping this!

A note also is that the bottle could actually be only half full of the distilled water..it takes a LOT of epsom salt water to make this thing move :)


update #3 it's going! but looks a little snakey to me as well as a little bottom heavy.

I just removed a bit of the water and added a smidgen of plain distilled and am gonna watch it...Already the snaking has decreased....!

First picture = snakey

second picture = less snakey


If you have ideas..recommendations, please give me em all :)

THANK you everyone!


Elaine, the ebay link you found is a lamp that would most likely work, but it would be sad to see such a nice pretty lamp sacrificed for that. In my experience those old screw top midnights are harder to find. 

Elaine Schoendorf said:

I like the way ya'll think!!!

Makes so much sense...!

I'll get to searching on ebay and let you all know how it progresses. Should be pretty simple!


And thank you internet for a site that contains extraordinary info on lavalamps! 


You all are my kinda people!


geeze...just found this!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mint-New-in-Box-Old-Stock-Vintage-Lava-Lite...


~Elaine :)

Hi Llava Bllonde!

I decided to abandon the ebay search as it seems more logical and economical to replace the liquid. I think I'm gonna be pretty happy with the way this turned out!


Looks like your having fun! I am not so brave....

Great job Elaine. you put some of us more seasoned gooers to shame!


Wish I was more 'practical' with the goo and the glitter:(

WOW, that snakey flow looks AWESOME!  nice work.  have you added any surfactant yet?  it will reduce the surface tension of the wax to give it some separation (i.e. lava balls).  hope you are having fun!

Whenever you make an adjustment that makes a change, let it run for about 30-60 mins. before you make another adjustment. See how it plays out before you tinker more. Looks great so far! 

I've added what seems to be a LOT of miracle bubbles...at least a half a small 4oz bottle.

There are lots of bubbles in the wax. LOTS of bubbles.

I'm wondering if this is enough for one night and I should turn it off and start again tomorrow?

Thanks again guys!


That much Miracle Bubbles sounds like too much. Usually I just do a few drops at a time.

I'd let it run for another 30-60 mins. then shut off for the night maybe. See how it runs tonight and then fire it up tomorrow. 

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