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just saw the video ot this by the manic street preachers, and lo and behold there is i think a pink baby astro on the piano

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Wasn't that the Stereophonics who sang that song?
you are right i think, at my age they all sound the same, they are both welsh aint they
Yep that was the Stereophonics not the Manics, both awesome bands and sound very different from each other, well to me anyway, being Welsh i probably have an advantage tho lol ;)
What about that awesome performance by David Byrne (ex-Talking Heads) flanked by not one but 2 Lunars on Top of the Pops as well as some other Mathmos stuff. The song was called 'Wicked and Lazy'.
OMG so he was.... looks well cool!

did i spot a mathmos fibre optic to, or are my eyes playing tricks with me

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