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Pink liquid / Purple lava?  or would it be hard to make pink liquid? would it be red and too dark?

I have a purple / clear I might experiment with..............hmmm.........

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I haven't seen a GooKit one and I don't know if that color exist by any knock-off companies either. However, clear/purple is very common and can be had pretty cheap, so I'd say give it a go! Pink liquid would be very easy to make. Just a teeny bit of red...I would think. Experiment on a glass of water first though!

I would use the McKormick "neon" food colors, none of the colors are a true primary so no matter how much of the pink is added it will never turn red

good idea, that's what i have that i colored the glitter from clear to blue and spruced up a faded blue/purple with that kind.

I want to see it when it's done!

And I 2nd McCormick neon colors if you want a good, solid pink!

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