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anywhere really, craft stores, walmart, internet, etc. any place that sells candlemaking stuff will have wax and dye, i got perc in the form of brake parts cleaner from either napa or advance (it was a while ago so I don't remember), and i got liquid paraffin and glycerin from walmart. the only ingredient i couldn't find at any store near me was sodium lauryl sulfate, which i just ordered from amazon, but you can order all the ingredients from amazon if you want to.

Cool. I was thinking about a brick of paraffin wax but wasn't sure if it would behave the same way in the lamp, because all I use is Propylene Glycol and surf in my lamps.

A brick of paraffin wax is good but you will definitely need some other ingredients in order to get it to work properly. There are lots of good threads and guides on here about exactly how to mix up your wax but a good starting point is 2/3 paraffin wax + 1/3 perc (brake cleaner) + a bit of liquid paraffin (mineral oil). The perc is to make the wax denser and the liquid paraffin is to keep the perc from leeching out of the wax. There are all sorts of other things you can add (petroleum jelly, kerosene, beeswax etc) but in my opinion it's best to start with a simple formula before you add the extras.

We are almost ready to open the store

The formula is near perfected
Bulk supplies are ordered


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