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Has Anyone Ordered A Grande And Had It Delivered To Store??

Was wondering this.  I was THINKING, just THINKING, lol.....that if I were to order a Grande from Walmart.....they have free ship to store pickup, so the lamp ends up costing 93 and some chump change.  Couldn't one examine said lamp at store and if cloudy, get a refund right then and there?  Or say I take it home and it clouds up.  I would probably keep it and kit it, but I was just wondering if anyone has done this.  At least it would be free shipping and if one weren't satisfied, you wouldn't have to worry about shipping it back.  Also, I think Spencer's will take returns from their online shipping at their store, but I would call and verify this before I ordered one.  Still hanging in there hoping maybe ebay will have a cheap cloudy one that I can buy just for a kit........


Also, is it still a crap shoot ordering these lamps?  Is ordering it from one place better then another.  LIke ordering it from LL seems more expensive.  They want 30 something dollars just to ship.  But do you get a better chance of getting a better lamp, or it pretty much doesn't matter???

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Both of mine came CLEAR :D

here's my two grandes from target

Nice analog! So, we now know Joe got single coil standard grandes, how about yours? How deep does the bulb sit in the base in relation to the globe? Trying to figure out if Lava dumped all 2 coil manufacturing and is now replicating the bulb placement from the Heritage line. It is cool Joe got good single coil globes, I do support the idea that dual coils seems to produce a more rock solid safety net, if you will, should the lamp ever come under coil related issues or poor temperature conditions.


did it start flowing? it took me  6 hours for anything to really happen the first time around.


my cap number lines 2 and 3 are both

so i think if the china's are fresh, they are fine :)

Hey Target, if you're looking: we'll review more for you, just send them our way 

Analog, that GOOD reply was that the lamp came clear, not that it took 6 hours to flow!!!  That will get less in time I do believe.  First runs always almost take the longest.  My clearview took 10 hours the first night to flow, then I eventually got it down to about 5 until I finally upped the bulb wattage.  My 52 oz pink/white flipped coil at every fire up for the 1st month and 1/2.  Now it finally behaves.  That lamp still takes the longest out of the bunch for some reason and ya know it seems like there is a TON of lava in it.  I think they goofed and added a bit more then usual but it flows good so I;m leaving it.


Glad to see you are enjoying your Grandes!!!!!


I think, if target is able to keep their stock fresh, we may have found our new go to for grandes

my second run took 3 hours to get fully flowing so ymmv

Carol: I LOVE lava, i wish all my lamps had more lava than they do (10% more would be awesome)

btw, I'm aggregating some of this data over in a new thread for those who want the tl;dr/show me where to buy it nao!

If u gookit joe and put 225 grams of goo in ur lamp u get a wild flow!!!! Lamphead shared that with me and i do weigh my goo cold b4 the meltdown! I should make a vid of gookitting!!! There is 1 on youtube but the guy is annoying as all get out, lol!!! He stretches it out to an hour video!!!
I just got my yellow/blue grande from amazon for 63 bucks and free shipping...clear as can be but a little starry and one good scratch on the widest part of the globe. For the price its acceptable and its been running fine although it does take forever to heat up- like 8 hours in a 73 degree room. Im wondering if that will get better w use? Ive been running it around 10 hours a day, letting it completely cool before turning it on again. I'm considering getting a stronger bulb and a dimmer.

I thought about getting one from spencers online too but after the starry starry night fiasco w the 52oz'ers I decided to go w amazon.

Heidi, Was it from amazon direct or from an amazon seller or an amazon seller through prime?

Reason I ask that is I would like to update my page on cheap lava lamps ( http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/the-lava-list-aka-where-to-f... )

My lamps took a long while to heat up the first few times at room temperature, i actually ended up warming up the entire room to make them warm up faster (they are in a small room with a computer in it so i just close the door while im warming the lamps up). A lot of people go the higher powered light and dimmer, I personally have left mine stock, but mine seemed to be the exception to the rules for some reason.

I have had great experience with Target's online orders of grandes.

See the attached pic...ships from and sold by amazon.com it came from Illinois

Day before i got mine it was the 65.99 then went to 62.37 so i grabbed one.
Got mine from overstock for$65 shipping was free it is a little cloudy but it is a yellow blue so it gives it a swamp thing look and i can see all the lava moving no problem so im keeping mine. By the way it was made in august and it has double coils and the bulb is quite close to the globe

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