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Has anyone purchased a new Purple/Pink Grande from LL?

LL is currently running a sale on their Grande lamps.

Using the code NOVGRANDE you can purchase one of their new Purple/Pink Grandes for only $80.00 with free shipping until 11/15/16 - https://lavalamp.com/

Has anyone purchased one of these recently and if so did it arrive clear and does it flow well?


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I am game for this....I have really enjoyed my Grande lamps ever since the Heritage series.  Thanks for the heads up!!!

Yeah, I want one of these as well to match my Purple/Pink Colossus.

I too have been very pleased with the last 4 Grandes that LL has made -

Pink Heritage, Green Heritage, 50th Anniversary, and Rainbow.

I just wanted to know if anyone here could verify that the new Purple/Pink Grandes are of similar quality and not trash like the Grandes that were made prior to the Heritage series.

i just recieved mine a couple days ago. very pleased with this one. flow is as great as the heritage grandes!

Thanks for the review Zachary!

I am rolling the dice and ordering one Today while their still on sale.

Same here I think. The video on the Lava product page looks good too.
some pics
some pics
i will warn you, i swear they have changed the formula in their recent lamps. on the first run the wax was clear and EXTREMELY bubbly, which was sorted out after the second run. same happened with their new 52 ounce blue clear lamp and clear pink i bought from spencers
Zachary....thank you for the pics the lamp looks great!!!

Zachary - I am hoping that the lamp I receive looks as good as yours!

Did it come with a Heritage grande black pinhole base or did you just put yours in one?

I think the black bases look great but I feel the silver ones work better.

it came with a silver base and cap, i was using the heritage base, but went back to using the silver. i think the bulb is situated differently in the black base or something. it didnt flow right

I think the Heritage bases do not get as hot because the bulbs are positioned about 3/4 inch lower and heat escapes through the pinholes.

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