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Have a chance to get a silver base colossus.  It’s clear and pink.  The clear is cloudy but the lava flows nicely. I may not  get another chance locally to find one.  What is too much do you think.  Will magma tower goo kits work to refill?  Don’t want to loose my arse on it. 

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You never mentioned what the sellers asking price is so it's hard to determine if you are going to lose your arse or not. That being said if it's cloudy you should only pay 400.00 - here's why - once you crack the top to replace the fluids you lose value big time as in 75% because you can never re-seal the lamp to it's original glory. Second- you no longer have genuine LavaLite fluids in the globe.  Thirdly - goo replacement wax , liquids etc is not cheap and it may run you several hundred more and if you don't get the combination correct you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out the exact combo and could ruin your kit(s). My solution -  I purchased several  Lava grande lamps of the same color and used the wax and liquid to replace the fluids in a friend of mines colossus and it flows perfectly.  It was faster and cheaper than buying magma goo kits since I got them all on LetGo or Craigs list fairly cheap. I got the idea after making a  custom Grande Halloween lamp using genuine Lava Lite 52oz orange liquid and black wax lamps when they were on sale.  I gave the leftover 52oz globes to someone here on this site and even paid to have them shipped. Since the idea worked on a Grande I figured it would work on a Colossus and after a few runs the lamps kicking ass right now.  Beautiful flow. If it were me - I would not be willing to pay more than 300 for a lamp I know will need fluids replaced. It's a fun but tedious process. When you bring it home take a photo and post it here.   

Got for 250   It is cloudy. I felt like I would prob not find another close enough for me to buy so I got it.  Lave flows well. It’s just the fluid is cloudy.  I guess maybe I wont make a huge profit if I would ever happen to sell which at this time I do not want to at all.  I may open it up and filter the fluid that would be good enough for me. Cool rarer lamp at a good fair price. I’m happy but the wife who did not want me to buy it now won’t let me sell it. 

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