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My Name is Timo and im from Germany. I have one Mathmos Telestar Lavalamp (10Years). It works great. Every day 8hours.
At last i found great Lava Lamps form "Lava Lite". But no shop ships to germany. At ebay i found someone from great britain who ships to Germany. I bought 2 250oz pink/purple Grandes. I will hope that they work so good as my Mathmos Lamp.
But I think i must rewiring the Lamps because the 110V to 230V Current in Germany.

In Germany you can buy only Mathmos Lamps and some in China / Taiwan  produced "shit".

I read something about cloudy liquids in the lamps an saw horrible pictures. Why get Lava Lamps so cloudy? Whats the reason? My Mathmos is still cristall clear...

Sorry for my horrible English.

Nice greetings Timo

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I live in Sweden, so we have the same plugs as Germany. I have bought two Grande lamps from the UK, one red and violet and one yellow and blue. Both came with british plugs and I use a simple converter plug to run it. The first one was a little hazy at start but soon became clear when it had been run for a while, the latter has been crystal clear all the time. I turn it on three hours ahead of the others as it needs a long time to start flowing. The flow is amazing, loads of blobs, then forming a pillar and back to blobs, over and over. I actually prefer it over the Lunar, which looks kind of lame in comparison. I think you will enjoy them.

Get my 2 Lamps. WOW! Very fast shipment. Less than one week!!! The Quality is ok i think (Huge Lamps, OMFG).
Now i have some Problems. The liquid is completly dirty :-(. I will hop it gets clearly when i warm up the bottles.
Second Problem, there is many air in the bottle, the water gets not to the bottlecap. 10-15mm air i see with the cap. Is this normal? Fill up with something? At my mathmos i dont see any air...
Third Problem... You cant buy 100W Bulbs Anymore in Germany because the polute of the Environment... Yes, it sounds funny... Ebay Perhaps have something. What should i buy? Bulbs or spots?
A 230V Plug i need too.

I saw the goo Kits. Can anyone ships to Germany?

Thank you.

Nice greetings Timo
The air bit is normal, not to worry, dirty liquid could be a problem, but always try running it in normal cycles before messing with it.

You can use a converter for the plug, no need for rewiring.
Hello, I think its not a Problem to make new "Schuko" plugs on the wire should be a problem.
The Liquid is now nearly clear. I think its ok. Will run it when i have the spots and the Plugs.
Today i have started both Lamps with 100W spots. It heats up in 3hours. Both Lamps flow ok. Not like Mathmos... But it flow. Now after 5 hours one Lamp doesnt flow, the wax get to a huge Bubble at the middle- Ground of the Lamp. It doenst flow since an hour...
What a crap.

I was on this site today. I will think this is the best way, buy two kits... How much surfactant (whats this?) do i need?
I Like Pink wax like the mathmos Lamps in Pink...
My Mathmos runs dayli with an timer. After 3 hours heating it works great. No Problems.
I have uploadet two Videos, please watch the horrible Flow of the Grandes...

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