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Greetings! New UK lava mad lady here! I've been silently reading all that goes on here for a few weeks! Finally plucked up the courage to introduce myself! I've only been collecting lamps for 3 weeks - mostly Mathmos as that is all that tends to turn up here - but a couple of Sata Hunters too. My kitchen is now a fully fledged chemistry lab! I have a huge pile of lamp bases and caps, and I have Perc solution, Polyethylene glycol, De-ionised water, glycerine, glitter, wax, wax dye, food colourings - you name it I have it! I have taken apart other lamps and transferred the contents successfully; changed masterfluid on a copper Crestworth Astro successfully; taken lava and redyed it then given it new masterfluid. Tomorrow I'm going to make a fast flow glitterlite using the tinsel glitter out of a broken Sata and put it into an old Mathmos Jet bottle. Then the next stage will be to try and make my own wax from scratch, so I can completely rebuild old spent lava lamps and breathe new life into them! I've really enjoyed reading up about all the tips on here for lava and glitter restorations. Fascinating stuff!


At the moment I have 17 assorted glitter/lava/wave etc lamps. I'm having 14 more assorted lamps sent to me next week so that I can restore or rebuild them and have a play! I will post pics at some point if you like. And thank you for letting me join!



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Propylene Glycol works perfectly!

Check here

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