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So a while back I picked up an absolutely destroyed Consort lamp, I've been slowly fixing it up whenever I find myself alone with it in the garage and it finally looks respectable but now that the base is finished I can't seem to get the lava/liquid to flow correctly or actually be clear. When I first got it I ran it and ran it but it never even started to clear up. I then filtered it with a non-carbon filter and that didn't help at all. It cleared it up until I ran ran it a few times. After I turned it off the first few times the lava seemed to be leaking something into the liquid and it eventually became just as foggy as it always was. I read somewhere that the regular lava lamp formula wouldn't work in a consort due to the smaller and cooler bulb. My question for the oozing goo community is this:

Can I refill this Consort with a regular 32/52 oz lamp's contents? Can I use a Gookit? If not how do I fix this?How do I make my Consort (the one on the left) look like the one on the right.

Thanks ahead of time for the replies and for welcoming a newcomer to the oozing goo community.

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I have done a few goo-kits, and don't know if this is any help, but I do know this about the Magma Tower goo.  It requires MORE heat then an average Lava Lite lamp.  For instance, my LL 52 oz lamps will flow beautifully on a 40 watt bulb and will even overheat.  On the flip side, my goo-kits take 2 hours for start up and I'm lucky if I can get them to more then blob around on the bottom with the 40, so I use a 60 watt with a dimmer. 


If your lamp has a cooler bulb and you can't install something that would produce more heat with a dimmer, then the MT goo might not be a candidate for your project.  I'm sure if you give it a little bit of time someone on here will post up.

Consort's are way hard to re-do.  I would measure the specific gravity of the original fluid the try to remove the original wax, clean the bottle and coil, then replace the original wax and make new fluid with the same specific gravity and add your surf too.  I suspect a Consort would not need much more than 5-7ml of surf.

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