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This is a French glitter/sequin lamp.

The fluid has lost its density so it needs be opened.

It appears to be the standard bottle with cap, but the lid appears to be attached to the cap somehow and it's absolutely solid.

I've soaked it upside down in hot soapy water, sprayed WD40 oil inside, given the rim a tap with a wooden flat edge and hammer, and heated every area of it with a hair dryer, and still can't get it to budge!

My hands have now got blisters through trying lol so any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


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I am not sure what type of finish the decorative cap is. Hopefully just brushed aluminum or stainless.

But if it's stuck due to some leaking of the fluid or goop of some type, you can soak the bottle upside down a little over the metal cap level in COKE or PEPSI.

The stuff dissolves just about anything.

The trick is to let the soak occur for at least one to two full days. Even longer if need be as long as that metal cap is just brushed metal and has not coating. What type of metal is it by the way?

I have used either above to soak antique brass and steel parts gunked up with just about every time of dirt/grease/grime you can imagine and it works like a charm.

I prefer COKE by the way for soaking stuff. CANNOT BE DIET!

The metal cap should be fine as along as there is no coating on top of the metal cap.

Thanks for the tip!

You're right....it's just brushed steel.

I don't think there's been any spillage, as it's too clean, so must just be some super tough retro glue. 

Will definitely give the coke a try though.

The fluids don't look that low based on your photo and the liquids do expand when running. Is it still low after its been on and running a bit? 

It just doesn't work properly.

Movement for a few minutes and then the glitter just collapses on the bottom again.

I've seen this with another sequin lamp, and cured it by swapping over about two thirds of the original fluid with Kirk's.

Your glitter may be laying down because your bulb may be too high wattage and running too hot.

No, it should be a 25w bulb, but does it whether it's 15w or 25w, and drops really quickly - like after a couple of minutes.

You would be surprised what coke an achieve if you soak something long enough. I have even de rusted antique parts with it as long as you are patient and let the parts soak long enough.

You know what else works wonders in this situation. MOLASSES that you can buy in the glass jar in the supermarket.

It does the same thing as coke. A little slower but it's a little stronger.

With molasses I have removed very old paint from metal antiques and also de rusted parts as well.

The molasses soak does not harm healthy metal but again will remove clear or other types of secondary finishes on metal.

It simply dissolves rust and paint and gunks and varnish, etc etc.

Normally takes about a week.

My solution used to be 1 glass bottle of molasses to about 5 gallons of water. I used to use a home depot orange bucket.

Oh, with the COKE, DO NOT DILUTE. Straight coke only!!!

Again, I never used it in your type of particular situation but know it has worked wonders for me when I needed to clean or de-gunk and un-seize locked parts, etc.

Use at your own risk lol.

Mark said:

Thanks for the tip!

You're right....it's just brushed steel.

I don't think there's been any spillage, as it's too clean, so must just be some super tough retro glue. 

Will definitely give the coke a try though.

Mark, did you get it yet?

I've been out of pocket working my day job and then some lately.

It's likely glued to the bottle.  I'd use a heat gun or blow dryer on high.  The heat will cause the glue to free up.  Just take it slow and use a pot holder to work the top free.

Man, I love those sequins!

Heat gun/blow dryer. He would need to keep it constantly moving as to not concentrate the heat to much in one place as it could warm or distort the decorative cap, which if it happens, would be hard to return to original shape.

Thanks both.

3 days soaking in cola and it's still stuck fast, so think I'll need to resort to the big (heat) guns!

As you suggest kero48 I'll try to keep and keep it moving.


It's been red hot, with no harm done (expect for the slight burn on my finger) but still not budging!

Never known anything like it.

The is a slight rattle in the lid now though, so something had dislodged?! 

I wonder if soaking it in some kind of solvent adhesive remover might help? 

Hi Mark,

We sorted a slightly shorter glued-on cap recently going round and round with a scalpel blade; your cap looks too long for that, but maybe a thin, whippy hacksaw-type blade?

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