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This is a French glitter/sequin lamp.

The fluid has lost its density so it needs be opened.

It appears to be the standard bottle with cap, but the lid appears to be attached to the cap somehow and it's absolutely solid.

I've soaked it upside down in hot soapy water, sprayed WD40 oil inside, given the rim a tap with a wooden flat edge and hammer, and heated every area of it with a hair dryer, and still can't get it to budge!

My hands have now got blisters through trying lol so any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hi Andy,

Unfortunately the gap is paper thin, so no room for a flat blade, but when immersed in water it does fill up so the glue has to be on the top of the cap I'd imagine.

Strange as it just looks like the other French glitters I have which have a standard white plastic bottle cap within the decorative lid.

However, the lids aren't generally glued on, so this must be a different design.

The rattle has to be a little piece of hard glue that's come dislodged, or a piece of broken cap, so hopefully it'll move soon.

My son has just informed me he has a pair of welding gloves (very hard to grip with the pot holder), so soaking it in white spirit tonight, and will then try the heat on it again tomorrow.   

So Mark, what's the status, any progress???

So I can confirm it was just a really tight cap (albeit a very thick and heavy one), with no glue whatsoever.

Resorted to giving it another douse of wd40, putting the cap end in a vice (inside a leather gardening glove to protect the finish), and giving it another rubber gloved twist upwards, and off it popped with no damage done. The rattle I'd heard was just a little piece of solder that had dislodged. 

Needless to say I'm not going to push it all the way back on.

I've simply topped it up with a little of Kirk's fluid and it's working 100% again.

Will post a picture of the lamp later. 

Wow, crazy but not totally surprised at the same time. Good job!!

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