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HELP PLEASE - Need an appraisal for value of Giant Electra Lamps

UPS broke my Electras and I had a declared value of 800 for the 3 and 500 insurance. now I have to prove the value?

how f-ed up is that?

Can anyone here appraise them? Or have suggestions on getting an appraisal?

Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Damn, that sucks, I wish I knew, the problem is since they're collectables their value is subjective unless you have the box with the original receipt you bought them for, did you ever get it straight? These are those 3 foot electras right? I haven't seen any on ebay in over a year.

Yes. Actually used the ebay purchase receipt which did not specify how many lamps I bought. They are real a-holes at UPS. I have been jumping through hoops for over 6 weekd. They (the UPS shipping store that I shipped from) got the check in last week. Then deposited it!?!? Last week they said they would have the district manager mail tge check to them so I could pick it up by today. Today, they say they have to wait for the district manager to come back into town from Beaumont. They lie, lie, lie...but hope to get my check soon!
Thanks for asking, Rayos!

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