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Do I need a new bottle?

It's an old bottle but I'm not sure if its on the way out..

I haven't had it long but it was working fine the other day.

It's got a new bulb in which is a 75w one.

I'm looking to sell it as I'm downsizing but wouldn't want to sell a duff bottle or mislead anyone.

Any help is appreciated :)


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This is a old bottle which were designed to be heated on 75w, rather than the newer ones which run on 100w.
It's a beauty. I'm not sure if just regular use would clear it up? I'd certainly be interested in buying it though. Are you in the UK?
It may do, I will try to leave it on for a few hours and see what it does.
Yes I live in the UK, Marlow, Bucks and I don't mind posting.
Personally, I'd try and run it for a few hours every day. If it doesn't clear up, there are refills sold by a member here and occasionally, replacement bottles can be found on that auction site. I'd be interested in it as it is, if you accept my friend request, we can have a chat about price, etc? I'm in Dorset.
Thanks Ben, kind regards

The fluid is clear and isn't cloudy, just doesn't seem to want to flow.

I have another bottle and tried that with the same result, perhaps the bulb is broken and not heating up properly.

I have accepted your friend request if you are interested, but in no rush to sell.


Seems to be flowing fine now after a few hours running each day..

Can anyone get me a rough estimate of value? 

I'm looking to sell but don't want to rip anyone off of charge to little.

My lunar is in good condition with no major dents, a few to the base and some to the cap. Missing the bullet tip and the original wiring has been removed as the black wire didn't fit in with my furniture. It's now a shorter white one with no dimmer. Comes with 2 bottles (green and clear & purple and red this bottle is untested)

Fleabay has given me a rough idea but conformation would be great.


Hi Goo Heads, I'd really like to buy this Lunar but don't know what a fair price (for both parties) to offer would be. Can someone please post what they think a fair price would be to pay for this lamp?
Thank you very much in advance.
Tribble aka Iain

Average price for genuine sales over the last few months appears to be around £750, dings or no dings!

Although they were fetching a little more around Christmas time.

I'd have thought £750 minus the 10% ebay fees would be a good starting point for negotiation!

Thanks for taking the time to offer your advice Mark. I've made Ben an offer which is pretty close to that sum, I'll just have to wait for a reply.

You're welcome....a great lamp to add to your collection if you can afford it!

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