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Here is a crazy idea. Has anyone ever tried 'gel wax' the clear jello type candle stuff for lava ?

Wonder if anyone has ever attempted this ?

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Still looking for some feed back on this one .

I haven't tried it, but I think it would be too light, same as wax. In a lava lamp the wax is weighed down with another chemical (carbon tetrachloride, perchloroethelene, ect). It might give the result of transparent wax, like a goo kit on the first run, without it eventually tuning opaque, if you could find a way to increase its density.

there are two kinds of gel wax , one is way thicker

I'm pretty new here, I hope someone with more experience with lava lamps will give their input. I would love I get a clear/clear lamp. It would be great if this turns out to work.

I haven't seen it mentioned here before...you may need to be the first to try it out, Joanne!

I did a bit of research and the gel melts at a MUCH higher temp than wax . So now I just have to figure out how to get the melting temp down to an acceptable level . !!

In order to bring the melting point down you would have to mix and dilute it with other waxes of the same properties but with lower melting points, thats where the chemistry comes in. Just because its harder doesnt nessesarily mean its more dense than the other, also when heat is applied the properties change drastically, and thats where it becomes really tricky to come up with your own wax. The way i like to think about it is the following: It took lava louie several years to get his formula working (5+) and now he sells it as Magma Tower, It took Ravi from aurasglow about 7 years as a trained chemist to figure out how to make his lamps flow. This is an interesting thread so i say you go ahead with some practical experiments so we can see how it plays out! Let us know

the thicker gel wax has a higher melt temp . the thinner melts at a lower temp . From what I read the gel is mineral oil based I am wondering if it will mix with paraffin . I think so . I am thinking of trying the soft clearish wax in those tall glass candles you can find with religious pictures on them at the discount stores . even a 50/50 ratio might turn out pretty cool. Then its just a matter of adjusting the waters density to get it to move .

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