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Alright, I know that Mathmos' site vaguely explains that a Heritage Astro bottle won't work right on a regular Astro base. However, I remember reading somewhere that you could actually put a Heritage bottle on the regular base by either using a dimmer or 30w bulb, as to prevent the overheating that would occur if you ran the Heritage bottle on the regular base with the regular 40w bulb. Is this true, and has anyone tried this? I really love that light blue/clear bottle, and I would love to replace my cloudy orange/pink bottle (which colour wise I'm also not too fond of) with one of those. Just don't want to spend €40 on a bottle that won't run right.

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the main raison is that the formula between vintage mathmos, "standard" ones and heritage isn't the same so the lava requires either a lower heat source or a different form of heating : heritage bases have some kind of a platform above the bulb on which the bottle stands so the amount of heat is surely somewhat dispersed. (I was told the formula change by a mathmos representative)

be also aware that heritage lamps aren't by any means like vintage ones : they just flow ! No more lava thingy elongating and rippling, waving,, like lava US and other lava lamps they just produce bubbles going up and down? I was really disapointed after my last order of a clear/blue and a green_blue/yellow heritage

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