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I have 6 newer lamps 17 inch. 7 70s lamps 5 are 52oz ones.  And i was thinking of buying ome of those huge Grande lamps.. but reviews of this lamp seem pretty bad.

cloudy water and so forth i imagine from shipping so ill ship it via amazon prime so i should get it in 2 days to minimize that..  But other reviews mention the dye in the water always disapears after a few months and the lava stops flowing after like 9 moths.

Seems pretty crappy for near 100$...  What are your guys experiences ? 

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i see hrmm.. maybe ill lower them a tad more.. but im sure its 1.2 a inch away now.  What do you think it looks good or lower it more ? 

you are ok at 1/2 inch

Think it makes them feel good!

Jon said:

Here is how amazon packed the box..

look how big this box is.. and whats a peice of paper gonna do ? 

Thanks alot for you help claude btw :-)

Your welcome

Check out my page of color change grandes



You all scaring me with all this light  bulb talk, guess going to have to convert all giants and grandes to led aquariums!

Well lowering the bulb it deff takes longer to heat up now.  Been running 6-7 hours its only 115f.. still climbing but sloww.. and its flowing like a long snake but barely..  Ima raise the bulb a little bit maybe 2-3 threads up

Mr MaGoo said:

You all scaring me with all this light  bulb talk, guess going to have to convert all giants and grandes to led aquariums!

well i got the 3rd ine todsy.. Its cloudy too.. but i can see my hand behind it unlike the 1st one.. So it isnt as bad..  But yea.. i guess my 2nd one being crystal clear i got lucky.  1 outa 3.

Im just drain one and rinse it with distilled water.. drsin it again and then fill it up with distilled water and see if it flows.. if it doesnt then Ill add some surfectant and salt as i go to get it to flow then dye it a greebish blue color

Well since the 3rd lamp i git today was cloudy as well i said said to hell with it.. Drained it.. but saved thr liquid in case.  I did leave 1 inch of the old stuff though

Refilled with distilled ... I havent added anything to it yet.. but i put two drops of blue food coloring and 6 of green  and this is pretty close to the 32oz green i made.

Its been 3 or so hours.. still warming up.. curious if itll flow properly with nothing added to it.

If its new,l just distilled water  should be ok
Likie the gree

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