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I have 6 newer lamps 17 inch. 7 70s lamps 5 are 52oz ones.  And i was thinking of buying ome of those huge Grande lamps.. but reviews of this lamp seem pretty bad.

cloudy water and so forth i imagine from shipping so ill ship it via amazon prime so i should get it in 2 days to minimize that..  But other reviews mention the dye in the water always disapears after a few months and the lava stops flowing after like 9 moths.

Seems pretty crappy for near 100$...  What are your guys experiences ? 

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That is seriously cloudy!

I too wonder if they are trying to sell returns/rejects now?

Cloudy liquid, dents, and no bulb sure do support that theory.

The bulb should have been packaged in a hole in the styrofoam that covered the top of the globe.

Hopefully your replacement will be better!

If not, you could keep trying and you might amass a collection of bad lamps that could then be refilled with either glitter or goo 

Well i gatta return this one.. amazon is being nice enough and mailing a replacement to me first and for 1 day air shipping like i paid for on this cloudy one.

If the 2nd one is cloudy.. Ill try a 3rd time... If the 3rd one is cloudy i sware to god i will cancel my debit card get a new one made at navy federal and keep the lamps.. I wont mail them back, ill drain them and make my own liquid and dye..   

Also the base didnt have any foam holding it in place.. The base was rattling around freely in its lava light box.. The smaller lamps have foam holding the globe and base.. so ill assum the big ones do too..   Mine also didnt have any intruction booklets.. between all this thats why i suspect its one someone returned and that perso  kept the bulb and they are reselling their defective crap

I myself would never buy any lava lamp off amazon.

See my post here, this is the only way I will buy grandes going forward base don my last 2 grandes purchases from their.


Amazon has warehouses all ovsr the US. where they store their stuff like walmart.. So you jist got lucky in my opinion.  But i looled and non of the walmarts here have local pickup.. ones further out do bht i drive a V8 Jeep not driving 20 miles out for that.

I hear you though.. If its happens a 2nd and 3rd time.. Maybe ill try walmart.

I looked for the light bulb again and inside the fosm like someone mentioned.. no bulb but i do see the tape and bubble wrap where thr light was.. Which means someone had this lamp before me.. kept the bulb and returned it... That has to be concrete there

I don't think my lamps were luck, I think Walmart has a superb transport and warehousing system where the lamps stay in a very stable environment. I think it's simply that.

Amazon might have similar but I don't see AMAZON trucks on the road anywhere where I see boat loads of Walmart 18 wheelers. I don't know who handles amazon transport to be honest.

I believe that walmart handling is better, ONLY, when it comes to buying online and picking up in store.

If you ask me, if I had to drive 20 miles in one direction to get a good clear grande, I totally would. 20 miles even in medium traffic doesn't take that long.

I live on Long Island, one of the worst places for traffic all hours of the day and night.

Anyway, I feel your pain as when I got my lava lamp direct lamp delivered it sucked, then second one sucked, then finally the 3rd was okay. I took weeks of back and forth and really agitated the piss out of me.

Hoping you have better luck though, don't take my comments the wrong way please.

Oh one thing, me personally I don't like amazon, buy nothing on amazon and don't see the big deal with amazon. It's just a personal preference. Not a huge fan of walmart either but for the grandes they came through perfectly.

Youre probably right.

I have no idea why amazon put the box the lamp was in.. in a box so big it could fit two of these lamps.. then they put some brown paper in for padding.. 1 peice of paper lol.. and since the box was so big the lava lamp box inside it was slamming to the left and right.

Ill take a pic and show you what i mean.

If my 2nd and 3rd lamp is cloudy ill just get my money back and try walmart then

Well the lamps I have gotten from walmart were as such. They both were double boxes. The original lava lamp box and then packed in an outer box but the outer box was perfectively sizes to fit the interior box. Both lamps I got there was no damage on either box.

I did get a dented base but later found out from lava lamp who replaced it free that it most likely came from China like that as neither inner or outer boxes had any marks or damage of any kind.

Lava lamp quality control, on the poor side lol but not lol

Just you so you know I have easily converted two of my grandes to clear fluid with the original colored wax buy using distilled water and SURF.

Something you can do if you are even remotely handy.

Yea when i saw that massive box they used to put the smaller lava lamp box in and the ups guy picled it up and it slammed down inside thr box.. i was lile wtf.. no padding no box equal in size..  They used a massive box man... makes 0 sense... and then to put a single sheet of brown paper in it like that will do something..

^^ 100% agree, indication of poorly trained people or just people who don't give a crap. It's that simple. I have heard stories from friends who order tiny little things from amazon that come in huge boxes. My friend once ordered a small USB wifi adapter and it came in a box that could fit a pair of large shoes. The thing he ordered was no bigger than a tiny lighter.

Here is how amazon packed the box..

look how big this box is.. and whats a peice of paper gonna do ? 

Honestly, that is so terrible I can't even describe. A simple carton sizer/reducer was all that was needed to solve this problem in the photo.

What a shitty pack job!!!!!!!! I would be so pissed if I got a shipment like that. Unacceptable!

Was this shipped by PRIME or private amazon seller

Prime.. by amazon.com directly  I actually upped the shipping from prime to 1 day.

Now you know why im upset...  And why im considering canceling my debit card so they cant charge me keeping both lamps and giving them the finger.

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