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I have 6 newer lamps 17 inch. 7 70s lamps 5 are 52oz ones.  And i was thinking of buying ome of those huge Grande lamps.. but reviews of this lamp seem pretty bad.

cloudy water and so forth i imagine from shipping so ill ship it via amazon prime so i should get it in 2 days to minimize that..  But other reviews mention the dye in the water always disapears after a few months and the lava stops flowing after like 9 moths.

Seems pretty crappy for near 100$...  What are your guys experiences ? 

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Its flowing lol.. not sure how but it is.. ...  Flowing okay... The issue is the top is getting most of the wax... after it builds up it flows back down... Claudej do you know what causes that ?  Does it need more surfactant ?  It isnt snake flowing its big balls going up and down.. as it got warmer it started bouncing off eachother like it should.. Seems too much is lingering on top.. and its breaking the surface and staying in a big glob 

Here isa pic or do you think thats ok ?  i know its a pic and not a video but yea

Here isa better pic.. see how much stays on top.. then like 10s later a big blob goes down.. but then it goes up again and stay on top..

Its breaking the surface..  

Lamp is too hot, That is why most is at the top

Dimmer will solve the problem,

As far as flow, experimenting with the amount of SURF will usually remedy the issue but remember this is China goo and never will flow like the old school LL stuff

Well in the pics it was only 115f according to my infarred therm.. That isnt overheating i thought iverheating was like 130-140f.  This lamp i also lowered the bulb too

I added like 1.3 teespoon of surf and it seemed to settle down and stopped sitting on the top so much. Will run it for a few days to see how it reacts.

You shoukd see the one clear lamp i have..  It flows like my 70s 52oz..  i love it.  

The more surf you add the more it breaks down the surface tension of the lava.  This means the lava will start breaking up into smaller and smaller blobs, if that is what you are looking for.  Probable cause is like Claude said is heat.  Would try reducing heat and see how the lava flows.  Tweaking the specific gravity or adjusting heaviness of water might be a possibility if the flow is not what you are looking for.  Let us know.

Looks like Custom Cool Grandes are completely out of stock on LL's site as well. Leaving Amazon, Spencer's and ebay...

The 1.3rd teespoon i added last night seemed to be enough.

It deff isnt heat.. as it gets hotter it actually breaks from the surface.. when it was cool like 108f thats when most of it was staying up top.

Im not arguing with you or claudej but im telling ya it wasnt overheating.. it was 115f.   Anyway i ran the lamp for about 12 hours... highest it got too was 123f.. And at that temp it was flowing fine... The surf i added i thinm fixed the issue... it was flowing giant blobs all night and didnt stick on the top anymore.

This green i made is beautiful too.


Who knows what formula changes have been made recently?

they work with just distilled water now

Well these lamps were made in 2017.  But im not sure on that.  My 32oz globe with lava from a new model they brought out wouldnt flow worth jack with just water..  I had to add so much salt to it to get to flow right.. Its the 32oz in ny pic where you said you liked the green.. The one i held next to my grande..  

it might have something to do with the size of the globes too..  I think they use some kind of surf in them... because if it didnt have any there wouldnt be bubbles on the top of the surface when its shaken..  Bubbles are caused by sodium laurel sulfate its why they put it in shampoo and even toothpaste.

Why it worled without adding any in though im not sure..  Lol but thats fine with me.. I did have to add some to get it off the surface it seemed.

I just did a ROYAL for a friend of mine and used older LL goo and the MF formula I made for my Colossus

I had to pull some out and replace it with distilled water because it was too light and all the goo floated really quickly and stayed there.

the SLS is present, to coat the globe, it doesn't always suds up after a while

I add a tad at a time after coating the globe to get the flow iI like

Yea i suspected it had SLS the only way it bubbles like that... and smells like sls as well.. older lamps from 70s smell like nasty oil


My Colossus stinks like hell

Also some of the cheap knockoffs

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