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Hello, my name is Ezequiel. I have a practically new lava lamp (I bought it on April and I don't turn it on very often).

The thing is that a few days ago some pieces of lava started sticking to the glass... The "stains", or pieces of lava are not very big (like the size of a jelly bean or smaller), some are near the bottom and some are like in the middle of the lamp (I could upload a picture).

What can I do to remove those pieces of lava? 

I would really appreciate your help!! I'm currently living in Argentina and here Lava lamps practically don't exist! I broght mine from NYC.

A friend told me to put the lamp (only the glass) inside a pot filled with very hot water, but I'm afraid the consecuences may not be good...

Thanks once again!

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Hi! so, I tried putting a towel over it and after some minutes I checked and some of the old stains of wax were gone...!! but some new ones appeared... Then I did the whole procedure again and the same thing happened. So now I'm convinced that something is wrong with the lamp because more and more pieces of wax keep getting stuck to the glass :( It's a shame. But well, it's a lamp, it's not the end of the world....

Anymore ideas?? At this point, I believe I could try anything in order to try to make it flow like it did a few weeks ago...ouhh it was so niceee.... :P

I have uploaded a picture, I hope you can see it! Thanks in advance anybody who can help...!

Ok!.. I'll try again :)
I don't know why I can't see the picture now. I'll try to re-upload it later
You might try a sheet of aluminum foil instead of a towel, I believe it works as well or better in some cases.

So, I tried covering the lamp with the towel for more hours.. it did work! could remove the lava from the glass..kinda.... Now, my question is... how can I remove the lava from the ceiling of my room and put it back into the lamp???
Haha.. yes, it seems like I left it for too long with the towel... and the lamp literally erupted... it was a LAVA lamp after all :P

I'll see if I can make my own lamp now with all the "left overs" of this lamp.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help! :)
I believe 4 hours is too much!
So sorry your lamp died! But that is the most hilarious sequence of events!
Warning. I tried foil wrapping to solve the sticking wax problem on 2 old lamps I had. Worked okay on one but the other... the top blew off and caused a mess on walls and ceiling.( red wax white ceiling and walls). Luckily no one was close by when it occurred. Crazy clean up and now I need to paint. Grrrr. I recommend using this method with extreme caution!! The globes had never been tampered with prior to applying the foil in case someone suspects improper seal.

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