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so i can get the flow. Now i would like to reduce the bubbles in the goo and make it opaque. I used some solid color candles and perc. In a salt solution. Would like to hear some peoples success stories.So close.

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I thought for sure somebody would know. Anyone? I read somebody tried some bees wax. But his globe had clouding issues. and his discussion ended.
still here. hoping some one knows the formula that can work long term. Has anybody had any success?
I really wish someone would reply to this cause I haven't figured it out either! I heard petroleum jelly might do it, but it didn't work for me. There has got to be something we're missing!
oh, btw-I use paraffin wax, I was hoping using actual candles worked. Paraffin definitly doesn't do it.
thanks jennifer, Sweet collection..Anybody had any luck with beeswax?
I think maybe this post is invisible to everyone but us.
I will crack the code. So persistence is necessary. So the ooze that was flowing so nice is now all bubbly. I will start over and adjust salinity and add dawn while in cool down. As I said I wonder if the problem is with the ooze make up. For i have successfully , Long term fixed and made other lamps with lw ooze. Jen do you receive my other post about my lamps? I hit the wrong button.
Ah that has been my experience as well. So now I need to figure out a substitute. Once again has anybody had success with goo longterm? That can share? Magmaman thanks.
I know my goo had a really good flow for over a week, but I change out and experiment so much, and plus I wasn't happy with the transparency so I never kept a lamp long. I try to put as little perk as possible.
So that being said I'm gonna try leaving it alone and see if its gonna last. As per last post I run it a max of 8 hrs and keep it capped. From a distance its not looking so bad . the bubbles have improved. At first it was killing me with the small almost transparent bubbles that rise real fast. I suppose air. I know what you mean about messin with it. I m going to try a new white ooze tonight. Oh well im havin fun anyway.

Same Problem

I finally made my own lamp and was extremely disappointed that the Lava was transparent.

I tried using Vybar 260 (a polymer that candlemakers use to increase opacity in candles) and that didn't work either.

I'm going to try titanium dioxide next as this is what is used to give things like paint, and sunscreen lotion it's white colour.

This thread is from 2010, so I hope there are some new suggestions since then.  Thanks

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