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how can my lamp be overheating when it hasnt been on for long???

im getting rather annoyed with my new grande lava lamp.im getting the big bulbous mass of molten wax at the bottom of the lamp that wont rise just as if it has overheated(im basing this on a pic i found on the net describing overheating) but it has only been on for about 4 hours in total so shouldnt be getting overheated at all yet!! what the hell is going on?? this is my second lamp as i took the first one back due to problems. i did notice that it had been stored on its side atthe shop i brought it from. would that make a difference in its behaviour

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This may not be a problem with overheating, but rather a coil problem.
If the wax does not stick to the coil properly, it will form a "goose egg" and not flow properly.
When the lamp is running, try to look underneath it and see if the wax is sticking to the coil or if it is above it.

thanks for your reply jester. ive just checked and the coil is right at the bottom but the wax has risen above it in almost a ball shape. is it possible to sort this or should i take it back for a replacement
ive heard of bulb extenders somewhere before what exactly are they?
wow thats a really nice pic. i had only one good run with it looking like that. now it has cooled and ive looked underneath again i can see the coil at the bottom but the wax seems to be above it and on top of it but not coating it at all.so im not sure if its the coil or if i should turn it back on and run it for as long as i can to see if it makes a difference
yeah theres no trace of wax on the coil at all. its on the bottom and looks as clean as a whistle. ive still got the reciept so will take it back and swap it.
thanks for your help bohdan.
this will be the second time ive had to get it changed it a week .
Yes, the china lamps are known for many problems, one of them being the coil.
Just replace it until you get one that works.
Glad you fixed your problem.

Even when you get a replacement, odds are it will be bad too. I ordered 2 purple/yellow Grande's from Amazon. Neither one flowed. Sent one back to Amazon and the other to Lava World. Got another bad one from Amazon, and one that flowed from LW. All had the same manufacture date. Emailed LW back with my amazement that one out of four actually worked. About a month later I got a 2nd one from LW, with the same order date as the 1st replacement globe I got from them. It doesn't flow either, so down to 1 in 5. Not impressed with the quality on the Grande's at all, but it sure is neat to have 2' tall lava lamps.

All of them came cloudy too. First one from Amazon was the most clear, came a little cloudy but is crystal clear now. Going to try replacing the coil in it and see if it will run. The one that flows came cloudy, but is clearing up somewhat with use. still can't see clearly to the far side of it though. The last one I got is so cloudy you can't even see the lava in it while it floats there in a blob in the middle. Whole thing is just opaque pink.

Thinking of trying louie goo in the super cloudy one. Make myself a blue/white maybe.
Hi I replaced the coil in mine as I couldn't return it and bought a dimmer which I adjust according to the temperature. Now it works great.It cost more than the Lava lamp to get it going though

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