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Hi could anyone please tell me roughly how many Astro bottles will it take to fill a Lunar bottle, and any idea if I should use all the wax from the Astro bottles :-) I would like to make up some different colors and I assume it will work fine as long as all the bottles have the same batch number

Thank you

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Hi, not totally sure i think it's 3 or 4 bottles, If you like to the uk mathmos can make a custom lunar bottle you just have to phone them up, otherwise make your own from astro bottles. I would order all the bottles together at one because of different batch numbers. It be good if you could upload some pictures with the result.
Just tried it with an old astrobaby and drinking water and it DOES flow
But the globs drop FAR too fast
... and its still warming up :-P

But hey = the bottle was almost opaque b4 !

I wouldn't try it with a metallic tho ;-)
Gave it a couple of hours and the flow did improve - glob drop smoothed nicely :-)
The colour of the wax changed too - red turned very clean red/orange !
Going to give the bottle a few days to settle b4 'refreshing' again and will capture some video ...

After unsuccessfully trying 'the fridge' for a week its worth a try ;-)
LOL :-) Thanks for your answers people, I'll phone Mathmos tomorrow and order some astro bottles, all I have to do now is decide what color I'm going to tackle first :-) Red Wax Yellow fluid me thinks :-)
Hi john thanks for your response, I've been on to Mathmos about making me up some custom lunar bottles for some time now they are having none of it despite offering to pay twice the price of a standard Lunar bottle ( £69 )

obviously the credit crunch hasn't hit Dorset yet LOL

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