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The owner says it's about 10 years old, does that seem accurate? I thought it would be older than that until I saw the box. I can get it for $25 and a pretty good drive but I don't want to waste the time or the money if it's not worth either one.


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your picture is not showing

nope, where are you trying to post it from?

I would say 90's, can you get a good clear picture of the pop cap or give the numbers, that will give the age of the globe

That's a screw-on cap, so  yes, it's definitely a 90s lamp.

So where would you place the overall value if its a 90's lamp? If it were local I would just go pick it up but I'm looking at an hour drive each way.

Looks like a blue/white Century in decent shape, but without better pics and seeing the flow, hard to say. I'd say around $40 - $60 value for this lamp, depending on seeing better pics. 

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