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How does one make glitter lamps.  The fluid cant just be water and surfactant can it ?  Just curious 

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No i havent got the glitter lamp, the weekend was a 3 day weekend so that made shipping 3 days longer.  I get it tomorrow according to UPS.  Ill post a picture and video of my tricolor glitter lamp tomorrow.  Ill take pics with and without flash.

Flash makes lava lamps and glitter lamps look shinier then they actually are..  I noticed flash also shows color better too.  With flash you can see greens and blues and purples and so forth where as the normal eye you dont see..   For example my grande i did in Turqouise it looked great in my pics i posted didnt it ?  But in person when the lamp was on in a dark room the turquoise looked like the lamp was clear.. if i made it a darker turquoise the lamp just got blacker and blacker.. 

Same goes with the blue and yellow grande.. The blue makes the wax green, and thus the wax reflects that green into the lamp and the blue water you honestly cannot see.    Same with the purple/yellow grandes..  When its on and flowing, the yellow looks like a dark orange or a normal red color.  And so does the liquid.   It might show a little violet color if you stand overtop of the lamp but sitting eye level it looks red.

But in a picture with flash it will show the blues, and purple and so forth.     Same with pink..  I redid my turquoise/pink lamp that i made and i added a Neon Blue food coloring this time the blue looks blue, but the pink looks redish purple.  But if i take a picture with my phone the pink looks hot pink.

And if you take the pic in a dark room with no flash the camera will seek out the light of the lightbulb and the wax will look like a neon OPEN sign

Am i making sense here ?  I know you guys have noticed this as well you had to have.   Thats why IMO pics and videos you should not trust 100%. 

I just hope my tricolor grande the paint job is good.  I have 3 32oz lamps from spencers where the tricoloring is bad.. You can see the splotchs of the spray paint they use and it makes the lamps look cloudy.   The only good tricolor 32oz i have is the yellow/orange/red.  It looks super clear...  if the grandes paint is junk i might return it, or i might take some paint thinner/acetone and get the paint off and dye the liquid with the food colorings in the egg droppers i use.

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