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Hello. A friend of mine wants to create his own glitter lamp because he had a spare bottle without any wax in it. Does anyone here have any tips on how to do this? I've never done it before with a glitter lamp. I've tried some initial experimenting with the glitter. If i just try to pour some glitter into normal water, it will stay on top due to surface tension i belive. If i then add some surfactant to the water the glitter will somewhat fall to the bottom, and then stay there

  1. Do i need any special glitter or will anything do?
  2. What about the water mixture. Do i need to add anything to it? Do i need to make the solution heavier and in that case, with what? 
  3. Should i add surfactant at all?

I know this is lava mostly, but some of you people in here always have a tip in ya sleeve :D

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Check the forum.

A member named Kirk sells some of the best Glitter formula you will find

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