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How to replicate the "wax stuck on side of globe" problem?

Just wondering, because I think it can instead be used to "fix" the lamp with bubbly wax problem! Sounds reasonable? Please bring in any ideas how to make wax "stuck" on globe. I have globe already opened, so any idea that requires pouring liquid out first is also welcomed.

The bubbly wax problem may have arose from that I have cleansed inside globe sooo good and then applied Miracle Bubble all over inside globe-- I was hoping to use it as "barrier" between wax and glass because it had wax stuck on side of globe problem previously. The Miracle Bubble sat on bottom for several days while I wait for new wax to arrive (I want different color).

I have tried cooking as suggested in another thread, I can see that it theoretically makes wax bond (stuck) to glass again, it have fixed my other lamp successfully, but in my case with the current problem lava lamp it doesn't work. Maybe Micracle Bubble as "barrier" is still too strong. I think I need to actually wipe clean the bottom, but maybe you know of some chemical or chemical removal that will make wax bond to glass again... anyway, in several days I'll try wipe clean the bottom and test and share progress updates with you guys soon!

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I've had three vintage lamps arrive with wax stuck on the inside of the globe that would not come off no matter how hot I let the lamp run.  I had to open each globe and pour out the liquid into a super clean dust free jar or bowl then cover.  I then turned the lamp on to  allow the wax to melt.  I then poured the wax into a separate jar and covered removing the coil but not cleaning it off.  I then scrubbed the crap out of the globes and then rinsed with super hot water and allowed to dry inside completely. I took a little of the original lava fluid that came with the lamp and swished it inside the clean globe and then poured the liquid out leaving just a little on the bottom as in a cap full or less.  I then placed cooled wax in the micro for a short period and once melted I  poured it back into the lamp and then dropped coil back in allowing the wax to cool around the coil completely.  I then poured original lava liquid back in and sealed.  Fired them up and all work beautifully now and may I add super clear.  I think you should swish original lava lite liquid inside glass before replacing the wax coil and liquid.  I would not use any product that did not come with your lamp to begin with as this will alter the original formula provided with original lamp.  I've noticed when I don't swish liquid in my lamp before replacing everything...the wax will stick to the sides. I hope this info helps. 

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