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How to tell a antique lamp from a 90s lamp ??

Im looking at alot of lamps on ebay and all these stsrlight lamps all the ads say retro vintage 60-70s but honestly didnt they make these lamps into the late 90s to early 2000s ?

Some of them seem to have black plastic base bases others dont.. some habe brown cords some black.. The stickers inside the lamp the blue one is round the other is square.. Honestly i cant tell what is really a antique lamp and what isnt.. And to me lamps from the 90s arent antique..Im looking for 60-70s.

There is a echantress lamp im bidding on.. but the blue sticker inside is round and i dont know if that means 80s or 70s..  I keep reading alot of contradicting information on this website and other sites.. some people say the envhantress with flowers were never made past 82.. other say 90s.. Some people say the blue sticker if its round its 80s plus other say it needs to be square to be 70s.

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Not worth the $115 they're asking. I'd say maybe $70-80 because like you said the flowers aren't original.
BTW, here is an example of a lamp that is misrepresented. It says its from the '60s. The '60s had a different kind of box. This lamp was made in the late '80s.


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