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...unfortunately it was the Lava Lite formula circa 2007.


I  somehow took a medium foggy green/clear, put it through the filter (twice), and added purple food coloring to some blue tinted water.


If I may be so humble, I think the results speak for themselves. Normally you'd have to travel as far as say, China  to get this kind of craftmanship and attention to detail.





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I don't know HOW the heck adding purple food coloring to the filtered water led to this, but once it was on the bulb for awhile the green color seemed to somehow seep out of the wax itself and into the water. I ran a bit of  ethyl alcohol through the filter in a lazy attempt to clean the filter  without taking it apart  - that may have a mistake.


Anyway, in the final shot below you can barely even pinpoint where the lava ends and the water begins:




I actually have some semi-success stories to tell as well, but I though I'd post these pics first of my most disastrous lamp restoration to date.


Next time I'll tell you the deep dark secret about Lava Lite's 52oz black and orange lamp.



LOL way to go! Lava Lite should hire you!
very amusing post, :D
ROFL!  cheap wax will definitely cloud the globe regardless how many times you filter it.

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