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Refilled my 250oz lamp...

I dropped the sample spoon you use to scoop the dye... The lamp is perfect... But it has been spooned... Any neat suggestions for getting the spoon out without draining the lamp?

I cant have nice things :(

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Sounds like Loren's device would work much better to remove the glass toy moreso than that spoon. ..  O.o

It is a plastic sample spoon, I wish a magnet would work as I have something for that. I ended up ordering one of those claw grabber thingies.


post a pic of it with the spoon floating around :-)]

Yeah I wanna see too..

I will see what I can do, the spoon doesnt float around in there... It hides at the bottom. But when it warmed up today the wax all floated up at once and it took the spoon with it. My coworkers teased the crap out of me.

I think this is the best thread I've read in a long time! LMAO


Got the screw grabber and removed the spoon.

To my surprise it was partially melted... So if anyone else drops the spoon, you need to remove that quick.

As for pictures... Dont think its going to happen. The lava lamp is currently located somewhere that I cant get a camera to. Hopefully I can get some pictures loaded for my other two lamps that I redid.

Some of us here are goo crazy but spooning your Grande?....


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