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Yay! :)

$45 shipped. :) Not too bad! And here is my favorite part:

Screw-on cap!

I know this is pretty ho-hum for most people here, but I've been trying to get one of these ever since I realized that these weren't grandes I was seeing in pictures. I had only seen one style of 52oz lamp, and I didn't like it very much.

I'm excited!

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Whelp, I've now run the 74' century 8 times. It's still not as clear as it seems to be in the seller's pictures, but maybe it will continue to improve. Can anybody tell me, based on the pictures, if this is a dingy clear/red, or a yellow/red? I guess it doesn't really matter, because I don't intend to touch the inside of this lamp...ever. I'm not ever even going to crack the twist cap...though it's tempting to top off the liquid a bit, the poor globe has lost a bit in the last 40 years. I'm kinda OCD about that. :-/ I'd rather not touch it though. I love it too much to mess with it! I just hope it clears a lot more.

Here it is cold, next to the purple century (which now is totally crystal clear! :)).

So yeah...quite a difference, but then there is also a difference of more than 20 years! I'm still hoping for the best with the vintage century...I hope it clears up more!

looks red/yellow to me but i could be wrong lol...it doesnt look to bad at all. it should clear. i totally agree with you about spikes! spikes rock :P

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