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Alright.  I know, Erin.  I should have waited, but I had to have it.  Please don't tell anyone, but I'm so excited!  :>)


It had just been listed and I asked the seller about spray, motor, color wheel, and other condition issues.  He sent me extra pictures along with an excellent response.  So, I pulled the trigger.

This is now my new record amount paid for a single lamp.  The prior record was for Erin's Mystique which I love and get compliments from everyone that sees it.

Any lamps get you into trouble?

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And you told me to be careful?????   Hahahahahaha    I do love that lamp though, Kirk!!  :-)

I've not been in trouble----yet.   It's comin though......

Kirk, ah oh, "something" tells me you had another "Fantasia" night tonight.......eh?   

You know me too well, Libby.  Got back from bowling just in time to snag it!  I've had my eye on that Omni for several days now.  So glad to have it.  :>)

Ah, my intuition did not let me down, Kirk.  I was watching it too, but was not going to bid, just curious to see what all these things go for.   Hope you're not in trouble "again."   If you have to, open it, eat the packing, which has lots of fiber and also serves to hide the evidence of another package arriving on the door step.  :-)    Survival of the fittest you know.  LOL    I am very happy it was you who got it!!

This one is a bargain, I think.  I was willing to go higher.  Glad I didn't have too.  That's how I'll stay out of trouble.  :>)

Good move on your part, and that was an excellent price, or at least I thought so.  Lovely lamp too!   I have been watching it since it went up, and thought it would go higher too.  So happy it didn't for your sake!  :-)

Lamp prices have gone through the roof since I started collecting about 2.5 years ago. The most I paid for a lamp (that I kept) was... $150? Somewhere around there.

That's a gorgeous lamp though! You will love it!

I need to get mine back out of the basement run them tonight...

I'd like to think I've motivated you in some small way, Erin?  :>)  Enjoy!  It's Friday!

You betcha. I go in and out of fascination with lamps. I love seeing your enthusiasm Kirk - reminds me of me in the beginning. When I think about what I've spent on lamps...

spoken like a true goohead

Erin said:

When I think about what I've spent on lamps...

Seriously, I could have made a nice dent in the three-season porch I want...

At the rate we're going, Erin, we'll be able to build a whole damn house soon!  :>)

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