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Alright.  I know, Erin.  I should have waited, but I had to have it.  Please don't tell anyone, but I'm so excited!  :>)


It had just been listed and I asked the seller about spray, motor, color wheel, and other condition issues.  He sent me extra pictures along with an excellent response.  So, I pulled the trigger.

This is now my new record amount paid for a single lamp.  The prior record was for Erin's Mystique which I love and get compliments from everyone that sees it.

Any lamps get you into trouble?

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Thanks for that advice, Keith.  I was planning on swishing around some distilled water or tap water after the real fluid was out, but wasn't sure if I'd mess it up.   That white junk "has" to come out of there or filtering will be in vain.  Thanks again!!
Keith said:

When you filter you want to get all of the "Master Fluid" aka water out of the globe and filter that.  While that is taking place get distilled water and rinse out the globe to get rid of the excess "white chalk".  If it hasn't combined with the wax by now it won't.  

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