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A Mathmos orange Jet!

I'm so excited!!

Did I pay a fair price, do you think? Whenever I see jets, they are either broken in some way, or much more expensive than this...and usually not the neon orange one.

Also, can anybody give me pointers, as far as re-wiring/adapting this to US outlets?

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Awesome, thanks for that!

Hmm...it says not to use with heat-producing appliances...

Nice buy, love the color! I second Analogs link. I have two of those exact models for my Astro and Jet, they work perfectly. The bulbs for the original UK socket can be found on Ebay for a reasonable price as well. I can dig up the bulbs I bought when I get home.

 the reason why you shouldn't use the transformer haze posted with a hair dryer, coffee maker, etc. is that the amount of watts used spikes when you first turn them on.  the light bulb does not - 40w is 40w.  the transformer is rated to 100w, so you can use it.  nice lamp btw!

also, see this: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1TD2YJCFBBA3B/ref=cm_cr_dp_title/180-...

Loren said:

Awesome, thanks for that!

Hmm...it says not to use with heat-producing appliances...

LOL! Thanks for clearing that up, Brad!

Was that your review on Amazon? If so then I salute you and your various appendages.

no problem, and it was not my review.  all of my mathmos lamps are rewired for 110v.

Looks like an excellent lamp for a great price!  Congratulations!!

These are some of the easiest to re-wire with US electrical parts and I can provide some pointers if you choose to go that route.

Beautiful, Loren.

That is a great lamp! Congrats I think the price was pretty good really.

Thanks everybody, but there was a problem with the sale.

Even though it says that the amount I paid is for delivery in the UK and a lot of other countries INCLUDING THE US, the seller says that I did not pay for international shipping. They haven't yet, but I feel sure they are going to ask me to send additional money through paypal or something...what should I do?

I think I've sorted this...

It says "International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc."

It went right to them, and not to the seller. That is why they are only seeing the domestic shipping in their paypal. They should be able to simply print the shipping label and post the item. I have sent the seller a message asking about this, so maybe I'll hear good news back.

It is strange though...How are two people going to pay for shipping on this?

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