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I suspect someone redid my 75 coachlight.. is gookit lava clear ?

The coachlight lanturn i bought months ago always looked very strange to me..  The lava hests up at 90f and starts to flow at that temperature..  The lava is red when cold with the light off but when its hot with the light off looks almost black ( still red eith the light on though)  when its flowing it looks seethrough and clear...  Looks very very strange.   Deff isnt 70s lava.  Nore does it look like any of the 10 modern chinese lamps i have.

Since it flows at 90f when the lamp is at a normal temp of around 110f or so all the wax just sits on the top..  While its flowing it just makes like 4-5 very round blobs that are so Jelly like consitancy it looks strange.

The only way i can describe the way this lava looks is like red clear jello..  In fact it looks just like red clear Jello..

Ive done some research on gookits and ive seen more then enough pictures of it now to be convinced this is a gookit lamp... Alot of pics the gookits lava is clear like jello consistancy... 

am i right on this ??  I dont like this globe at all tbh..   Thinking of removing the liquid and that crap lava and swapping it for chinese lava... 

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Post up some pics or a video :)

Kinda has a gookit appearance to it but there are people who are much better experts than myself. Let's wait for them to chime in.

looks like goo kit to me

Ah damn... im not a fan of this wax..  Tooo transluscent and it doesnt flow good

If it's gookit wax, you can drain the fluid out rinse the bottle gently with clean water while wax is still in there to get everything nice and clean and resurf and distill water it to get a more gooey flow.

The odd thing is the liquid smells horrid like the original 70s liquid.. not a distilled water and sufactant liquid.. So i dunno i wonder if they swapped the wax but kept the original liquid.

I dont just like how it flows it just looks ugly too... The transluscent wax is meh...  

Well you can always go buy a new clear and red 52oz lamp. Use distilled water and surf. I just fixed a friends new lamp from spencers. It flowed like crap. I simply drained out the master fluid. Rinsed repeatedly with clean cold water to get ride of any remaining original fluid. Put in fresh distilled water, started with 15ml of surf and adjusted added a tad more to adjust for perfect flow. It's now his favorite lamp and flows amazing and the red wax is ultra solid and not see through. No wax in the bubbles either. New lava lamp wax likes surf and distilled water. Fix several new grandes like this as well. All work beautifully

Yea ive done that to a few lamps.. I might just do that this gookit stuff sucks..   lol 

Here is my thoughts, I am not a big dimmer guy. I find that lava lamp wax with distilled water and the right amount of surf makes for great lamps that don't need dimming. Some of the 52oz lamps that have been converted with surf and water can easily run 8 hours without issue. I think the lava lamp wax is much more dense, allowing it to run longer. My friend and I don't even use our gookit lamps anymore to be honest.

Yea thats what this lamp does..

It melts a 90f and flows like in the pictures in the 90s... Once it gets to 110f it just stops flpwing and sits on the top 24.7  The wax is clearly too thin or less dense...   The liquid wont have anything to do with wax melting and flowing at 90f.. it does help flow and if wax stays up too long.. but since this stuff melts so easily that to me tells me its the reason why it stays on top..

I mean 90f for normal lamps 70s and todays wax is barely enough to get it to start to make stalagmights.. and 110f is sbout when the normal wax begins to flow and its flows best at 120f i noticed and can be run all day long (except for the 32oz ones they get too hot) this thing if its on for like 4 hours its done and i gatta turn it off..

Nit saying gookit is bad but if this truely is gookits and thats how it runs.. then to me itd be a better idea to buy a 25$ spencers lamp and use that wax

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