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Hi, did the icons only come with the globes listed in the lava library or did Lava Lite sometimes ship them with different colored globes?

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I think that the standerd globes with the bases are the ones shown on the lava libary but I do belive that lava world let customers chose customs - chosing the base, and globe and shipping them together for one lamp.

Thanks Tim. I was wondering because I just bought a purple splotch with a purple and clear globe on ebay. I thought that combo would look good. I've also seen celestials with yellow/clear and blue/clear that I think look good.

Congrats Brent - wanted that one myself but I fell asleep on the couch.  I do believe that all Icons came mated with a specific globe color combo.

That's what I was thinking. I have a few blue/yellows so I was happy to see the purple splotch with the clear/purple. Hopefully it flows good. I'm going to look for a clear/blue for my celestial. I saw a pic of one (I think on here) and really liked it.

Me to I bid that lamp up and was going to snipe it with hi number but fell asleep lol. Well good for u it's looked really nice

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