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Wonder if anyone has thought about this before... this is what got me started on this.

Some lamp combos are just plain dark.  it becomes very obvious when you have one sitting next to another brighter lamp.

Case in point.  I have a 17" geometric near a 52 oz blue/white.  The Geometric just pops out crystal clear.  I know its a clear fluid inside a tinted glass bottle.  The blue white just looks plain ole dingy sitting next to it.

Pic of what i am talking about:

Huge difference.  I can hold a flashlight shining into the blue white and it brightens up nicely, but its not a practical solution for enjoyment.  

i don't know if its practical to maybe paint the inside of the base where the bulb is with some chrome paint to help reflect light into the bottle.  Has anyone tried this type of thing before?

Pic to put it better perspective.  the blue whites appear brighter in the photo than in real life.  the others in the shot are pink/whites.  plenty bright.

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I have heard of people adding a tinfoil type reflector around the bulb to help boost heat a little, it might act as a brightening agent too.

the light after running appears to be about 425 deg F if my Ryobi laser temp gun is accurate for this.   Cook a pizza on that thing?  Outside temp of the base is about 125 F which seems more feasibly accurate.  Globe temps are about 120-130 F depending if you aim at the lava or a clear spot.  So whatever goes in there needs to take on some heat.      

Give aluminum foil a whirl for the chrome like properties of it.  That stuff will do fine under the heat conditions and it might get you to that boosted light level you are looking for.  I am actually testing it out on a Lumisource pillar right now since Keith brought the pillar lamps up in another thread a few hours ago. I am using it on mine to heat boost though.


no foil


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