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Hi ;)

I have nice informations about the Mathmos Lunar Light bulb.
Today i got the package from mathmos with my new original Lunar bulb ;)
Someone of the packing station wasnt very intelligent i thought, because he leave the bulb in the original case of the producer.

The original Mathmos Bulbs are produced by "General Electronics"

So maybe all Mathmos bulbs are from this producer :)

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Thats what I said Marcel ;-) You can buy thease bulbs for under £1. Not the £9 that Mathmos charge.
In germany it seems to be a little bit special.
So if the astro baby needs a 40W bulb for example, it only works with the mathmos 40W bulb and not with the osram 40W bulb.
Same with the astro and telstar.
did you test others too ?

hast du einen unterschied zu osram birnen oder so gesehen ?
General Electric bulbs are kept in stock by all branches of B&Q in the UK. They are IDENTICAL to the bulbs supplied at a 900% mark up by Mathmos. I know this as I am one of the fools who paid Mathmos £9 for a Lunar light bulb only to find it was an exact match for the one I had bought the weekend before from B&Q. It turned out to be the fluid that was at fault - the bulb was not the issue.
General Electric bulbs will work in all lava lamps.
So far any clear 40 W bulb of the correct type/shape has worked to run my Astro's with. Tho I have heard that some bulbs of that type stand out to high so the bottle doesn't sit tightly on the base. You may want to check for that in all your lamps prior to stocking up on a lifetime supply.

Bisher hat bei mir jede transparente 40 W Birne der passenden Bauform in meinen Astros funktioniert. Osram sind die mit der orange/weißen Verpackung, oder? Habe aber gehört das manche Birnen etwas zu hoch sind. Dadurch steht die Flasche dann nicht richtig auf dem Lampenfuß. Unbedingt bei allen deinen Lampen testen bevor Du große Mengen bunkerst.

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