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To All:  I know that we are constantly struggling to find a way to keep the flow consistent and all too often we find the need for a dimmer on the lamps.  I looked around and found a hi low off inline switch available from http://www.txlampparts.com Part TR-165.  It is a replacement for the click switch found on most lamps.  They placed a tiny diode to shift the full wave to dim the lamp.  It is UL listed and looks OEM on the cord.  The only problem is that it fits the smaller gauge wire without modification, but the bigger gauge found on newer lamps may find it tight.  They handle up to 300 watts and one click is low, next click hi and last click is off.  It looks about 50% dimmer on the low which works out perfect by using a 60 watt bulb in a 32 oz.  I took a picture of it on my "moon rock" lamp and so far it seems to keep the flow nice and even.  I bought mine on ebay.  Scott

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