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Instructions for Refilling and Sealing a Grande with Fast Glitter and FAQ

Here are the instructions for refilling and sealing a Grande with the fast glitter liquid.


Here is the FAQ on my fast glitter liquid.


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Hi from England, sorry to trouble with details, but you seem the expert! I've just been told USPS won't air-freight lava/glitter, is this accurate? And if so, is there a surface mail option these days? Thanks, Andy

I have used USPS to ship glitter liquid to the UK in the past.

Thanks Kirk, suspect/hope it was an over-officious postal employee, will ask again. Discreetly. Regards, A

Kirk - I thought I saw it another thread, but I'm too lazy and unmotivated to use the search function. Can you detail what all is included in your glitter refill kit for a Grande? The PDF indicated requirements like a solvent-resistant stopper, band clamp and epoxy. If we have plans to place a glitter order through you, should we secure these; or are any, or all of these items included in the refill kit?

I supply everything you need, except the epoxy, Jim.

Many thanks!

Added FAQ link to the discussion.

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