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Hi all,

My name's Mike and I recently rediscovered my love for lava lamps when my girlfriend bought me one from Spencer's as a gift. It was cloudy and bummed me out, which lead me to research why that was... which lead me to this awesome place. I've been lurking for a few days but you all seem like exceedingly nice people and I wanted to actually join in the conversations. :)

As of now, I have a red Clearview from Target (it has some fluffs of stuff in it, but it doesn't detract from the clarity too much) and a slightly cloudy 32oz from Spencer's. It's a terrible bottle with a lot of imperfections in it. Ah well.

I had a lava lamp as a kid (mid-90s) that I really loved, but I dropped it and never bought another one till recently. I'm trying to find it again, but I'm not sure what it was. It had red goo, yellow liquid, and a black base and cap. I think it might be a Midnight. That shouldn't be too hard to find, right?

Looking forward to mingling with the GooHeads here!

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Hello and welcome to the addiction!  Nice to have you here! 

Check out the Lava Library up at the top of the site - it's full of awesome stuff!

Midnights pop up on EBay all the time.  I just got a pink and white for $10.

Thanks for the advice. I feel that to get a really good lava lamp I'm going to have to live on eBay!

Derek Hyde said:

Midnights pop up on EBay all the time.  I just got a pink and white for $10.

Yeah, you really will have to do EBay, even though it's a pain.  In my area there are really no good lava finds that often.  Oh and I just looked, you are in Miami.  We are neighbors!

Nice! I'll be sure to let you know if I find any good deals/rarities in the 305.

I'm in the 954, never found much locally except for a really nice orange/yellow 1970's Century at a flea market (Wilton Manors).


Yeah, midnights pop up all the time...the 32oz versions and centuries.

...But I have to admit, I've never seen an orange/yellow vintage century...awesome find, Derek!

Hi Loren.

 You'll probably be getting a PM from me soon for a custom lamp. No matter the color, the end product always looks super nice.

I highly recommend one of Loren's lamps.  I LOVE mine.

@Mike - You are welcome to summon me whenever you like.

And thank you! I do try. :p

@Derek - Awesome! Thanks for your support! :D

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum as Erin said check out the lava libary - there is lots of info and FAQ's

Yea finding decent lamps you just have to live on Ebay its the only way now 

I know what its like rediscovering your love for lava - its a grate thing, soon you will get the lava bug ;)

I'm in Palm Beach County myself (the 561), so not too far from you guys either :), I really do think it will be easy to find that yellow/red you want, I think I just saw a good looking 90's one on ebay the other day. That really should be easy- very common.

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