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aside from people letting banks/government (baddly) ruling their lives, I just saw a 1900€ ($2200, 1700£) cloudy lunar on ebay UK when it goes usually for 700€ in good shape.

some lunatics are also selling the neo line at 99£ (one at 110£) when they price 80€ (71£) on mathmos website...

Did people get (more) mad (than they were) ?

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Some people do no bother checking prices elsewhere when they get into "The eBay Zone"

Worse yet, they do not check what the item may have sold for in the past under the 
"Advanced" filters

In general the world is just out of control, it's that simple!

Well, it's an old phenomenon that people try to sell used stuff on ebay for prices higher than a new exemplar of the same thing (books or lamps or CDs or whatever it is).

That's only the long-known greed and eagerness to profit.

But what really strikes me is the fact, that some people are obviously ready to pay these astonomic prices.

^^ The obvious answer is no and in NY is it's more so obvious! I can't take the NY stupidity anymore ugh!

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