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beautiful purple. photo doesn't do it justice. the other astrobaby is a unique color, not sure if it's a custom. the crestworth telestar with flared base pink glitter on the right is for sale glitter is for sale

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Just spoke to Mathmos about my Lunar bottles, sent them some pics by email and they came back with the following options:

1. Send me new masterfluid and caps so i can drain and re-fill the bottles.
2. Me drive down to Poole so they can re-fill the bottles for me and test while im there.

Obviously option 2 is a no go-er as its too far for me to go and im really not confident at re-filling the bottles myself. I asked can they not just make up new bottles and do a straight swap-out, their going to get back to me tomorrow so fingers crossed. I really love my Lunar colours, i just want them the masterfluid to be nice and clear.

Thanks for the advice btw AB :)

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