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beautiful purple. photo doesn't do it justice. the other astrobaby is a unique color, not sure if it's a custom. the crestworth telestar with flared base pink glitter on the right is for sale glitter is for sale

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My two Clear/Pink AstroBaby bottles arrived the other and Both of them do not flow, the wax just melts and only one little blob leaves the mass at the bottom of the bottle and it just sinks straight back down again. Not quite sure whats going on at Mathmos right now but the quality control seems to be non existent,
it doesn't rise that much maybe a little higher. i've got another astrobaby that does this as well and a super nice astro mini with the same issue, both of these rise much higher... quess i need to try a 40w reflector bulb
i just realized the bulb isn't sitting right in the base, it's all wonky.. trying another base now
works with a golfball reflector. too bad it's a little cloudy, have to filter it i guess
Hmm. Looks like Mathmos is having some issues.

They certainly are having issues with quality control :-(
Here here fingers crossed !!
My custom Lunar bottles i had in December have gone a little cloudy but clear up when running, would anyone say thats usual or should i get onto Mathmos about them?
Cheers Astro, thats one of my jobs for tomorrow then lol! Would they want the old ones back as its going to be a right mare to pack them up if they do as i dont have the boxes they came in any more :(
Hey myfriendgoo, posted you a friend request with a message asking you about your pink glitter. Still awaitting your reply and a price. Many thanks = - )

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