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Is this just REALLY bad luck, or all these new Lava Lamps just bad?

Hey, I've been trying to find a good lava lamp that ISN'T cloudy when I open it, but this is just impossible! I've bought 7 lamps the past week, and all have been cloudy! I work at Target, so it was easy to take it back and get another, but about the 5th time the Guest Service girl questioned if I was purposely ruining them. I told her, of course, no. She didn't believe me. I made her come to the lamp section and open one. Sure enough, it was cloudy. We opened the other 3, they were all cloudy. WHY CAN'T I GET A GOOD LAMP? D:

They are the Lava lite brand, some normal $20 ones and a couple mini Clearviews. Oh the irony, CLEARVIEW. >.>

The clearview base is also completely useless. I thought I'd keep one just for the base of my other lamp the same size, but the wax wasn't even halfway melted 4 hours later. On it's original base, it's bubbling after 20 mins.

So, the point of the topic, why are they allowed to make bad lamps? D:

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That sucks.

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